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The Power of Purpose: How Values Guide The Haven’s Vision

At The Haven, we recognize the profound importance of anchoring our work in a set of core values that not only define who we are but also shape every aspect of our decision-making process.

Our journey towards creating our values began with a simple question posed to our community: “What are the top three words you would use to describe The Haven’s work?” This inquiry was not merely an exercise in rhetoric; it was a deliberate effort to glean insights from those we serve, understanding that their perspectives would be invaluable in co-creating our organisational ethos.

From the myriad of responses we received, four words emerged as seeds of our values: compassion, community, authenticity, and courage.

Compassion – Empathy in Action. In a world often characterised by indifference, compassion serves as the beating heart of our vision. It’s more than just a fleeting emotion; it’s a commitment to ACTIONABLE acts of kindness and understanding. By embodying empathy in action, we strive to uplift and support all individuals, particularly those who find themselves in moments of vulnerability, who feel forgotten and alone.

Community – Power in Inclusion and Belonging. The award is made with wood from the Larch tree. Larch shines brightest just before they lose all their needles. It reminds us to lean into hope, rather than despair, till the very end.

We firmly believe that we can achieve more together than we can ever achieve alone. Through inclusivity and belonging, we harness the collective power of diverse voices and experiences to drive positive change. By nurturing an environment where every individual feels valued and heard, we cultivate a sense of empowerment that transcends boundaries and transforms lives.

Authenticity – Being True to Who We Are. The award is made with wood from the Oak tree. Oak is slow growing and strong – takes a long time to learn who you are and Oak needs lots of space to grow – just like authenticity. It takes 10,000 acorns for ONE to grow into a tree, just as it takes many moments to find one to take root in who you are.

In a world becoming increasingly homogeneous, authenticity is our north star. By embracing our true selves and honouring our commitments, we build trust and credibility within our community, laying the groundwork for genuine connections and meaningful relationships.

Courageous – Choosing Courage Over Comfort. This award is made of Beech wood. The Beech tree is exceedingly resilient and can withhold a tremendous amount of pressure. When things get hard we let the value of being courageous guide us and lean into the learning of a Beech Tree.

Progress often demands boldness and resilience in the face of uncertainty. At The Haven, we are unwavering in our commitment to choosing courage over comfort, even when the path ahead is full of challenges. Whether it’s advocating for marginalised voices, challenging entrenched norms, holding the mirror of unaccountability or venturing into uncharted territory, we approach every effort with radical bravery.

Our values are the moral compass that guides our every action and decision. In a world where the landscape is constantly shifting, values provide stability and clarity, ensuring that we remain centred in our pursuit of our vision. They unite us in a shared sense of purpose, imbuing our work with meaning and purpose.

The importance of values cannot be underestimated. At The Haven, our values are not just words on paper; they are the foundation upon which our entire organisation is built. By embracing compassion, community, authenticity, and courage, we strive to be the change we want to see.

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