Welcome to The Haven’s compliment and complaint process.

How we handle your feedback

Everyone at The Haven is committed to providing excellent service, but we accept that occasionally things go wrong and we love to hear when we get it right. We take all complaints seriously and have a commitment across our organisation to treat everyone fairly. Where we have made a mistake, we want to put things right quickly, and welcome your feedback.  Please read our policy for more information.

How to complain

We don’t want to put any barriers in your way, therefore welcome complaints in one of three ways. You can use this online system, send us a  letter or email or give us a call. As you would expect, the telephone or online form are the quickest ways. The faster we hear from you, the faster we’ll be able to understand your concerns and give you a fair response.

Our promise to you

We will:

    • Acknowledge all complaints promptly.
    • Investigate quickly and thoroughly.
    • Keep you informed of progress
    • Do everything possible to resolve your complaint.
    • Use the information from your complaint to proactively improve our services in the future

Please send an email with your feedback to our CEO starkeeper@thehaven.co.uk


Feedback Policy

1 Introduction
1.1 The Haven welcomes feedback, both positive and negative on the services it provides. These comments are regarded as a useful tool to enable a review and improvement of the services we provide.
2 Scope
2.1 This policy applies to individuals or groups external to The Haven. Complaints or concerns from employees should be managed through the Grievance Policy. Serious concerns about malpractice and wrong-doing in The Haven should follow the Whistleblowing Policy.
3 Abbreviations and Definitions
A Complaint – A complaint arises when an individual or group is dissatisfied with the service they have received from The Haven.
4 Policy
Action in the event of a complaint
4.1 Details should be sent via the complaints handling link which is publicly available on The Haven website.
4.2 A complaint should include:
What the complaint is about.

The name[s] of our employees or volunteers, and any other people, involved.

When the event about occurred and if it is still happening.

If anyone at The Haven has been contacted about the concern, e.g. expressing dissatisfaction, before making a complaint.

How a complaint is received,4.3 A complaint will be acknowledged within five working days from the date of receipt advising the complainant who is dealing with it and when to expect a fuller response.
4.4 The person responsible will investigate all aspects of the complaint, allowing others involved to make their contribution, possibly returning to the complainant for supporting information or evidence.
4.5 The person responsible might also seek an independent review by a third party.
4.6 A response with details of any action taken or recommendations for further action will be sent to the complainant within the proposed timescale. If it is not possible to provide a full response within this time, they will be advised, and an interim response given including details of action still to be taken.
4.7 The Risk Committee of The Haven reviews on a quarterly basis the status of any complaints received by The Haven and ensures their timely resolution.
What to do in the event of remaining dissatisfied by The Haven response.
4.8 Should a complainant remain dissatisfied, they may ask for the complaint to be reviewed by the CEO. If the initial response was from the CEO, then the complainant may ask for the complaint to be reviewed by the Chair of Trustees.
4.9 If the complainant is dissatisfied with the decision, The Haven is regulated by the Office of the Charity Regulator and further information about how to complain can be found at
4.10 Complaints about any fundraising activity the Foundation may undertake can be made to the Scottish Fundraising Standards Panel, here: https://www.goodfundraising.scot/.
Additional information
4.11 The Haven has an online complaints process which ensures that all complaints are logged and automatically notified to designated persons within The Haven who are responsible for ensuring that the complaint is responded to. Our online complaints system can be accessed on this page above.
Reporting positive stories to us
4.12 In addition to complaints, The Haven would like to hear any positive comments. Sharing these will enable The Haven to benefit and develop from any ideas or processes that have been particularly helpful or successful.
5 Roles and Responsibilities
The CEO is responsible for ensuring that training on customer care is made available to all employees and that the complaints process is sufficient and that reports of complaints made are available to the Board.
Employees are responsible to adhering to the Policy and fully co-operating with any complaints investigation process.
6 Review
6.1 This policy is reviewed, approved, and endorsed by the Board of trustees. It is updated when required to ensure that it reflects best practice for The Haven, or every 24 months whichever is the soonest.