Haven & Earth Day

Roots & Revival: The Haven & Earth Day Journey

When spring has sprung in Stonehaven it means – Haven & Earth Day! Each year, around the Spring Equinox, usually falling on the weekend close to March 20th, The Haven comes alive with energy and honouring this beautiful planet we all call home.


It all began with the Haven Wellbeing Festival back in 2018. Our aim was simple yet profound: to make wellbeing accessible to all in our community. We wanted to create an event where people could explore various activities without any financial barriers or commitments. The festival became a platform to showcase the diverse talent, wisdom, and wellbeing gifts on offer in our community.

Then, the pandemic hit and our community’s needs changed so we diversified to meet this need. We created the Haven Larder to include food under our wellbeing vision. This was our way of stepping up to support our community during a time of uncertainty and need.


But our journey didn’t end there. As we continued to grow and evolve, so did our vision. The Haven Larder morphed into the community fridge and The Haven Wellbeing Festival organically transformed into Haven & Earth Day – a celebration of community resilience and our interconnectedness with the Earth. Haven & Earth day is about raising awareness around the importance of sustainable practices, especially in terms of food, and nurturing a deeper connection to nature.


So, mark your calendars and join us for a day filled with enriching experiences, meaningful connections, and plenty of green inspiration. Get free tattie seeds, come tour our Haven Plot, try a wellbeing session. Let’s come together to celebrate our collective journey towards wellbeing and sustainability. Book your space HERE

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