Trauma Teddies

Purls of Wisdom: The Cozy Success Story of The Haven’s Trauma Teddy Project

You might wrongly be under the impression that The Haven is run by humans but really the heart of our organisation are really Teddies. Our Teddy Project stands as a testament to the power of community care and collaboration.

It all began when Jeannie, a kind member of the public and the owner of The Villa Cafe, approached us with an idea. She envisioned a project where compassionate knitters in our community could come together to knit teddy bears for those who might be in need of comfort. Recognising the potential impact of such a gesture, we eagerly embraced the idea and put out the call for knitters to unite.

With Jeannie’s guidance, we distributed knitting patterns to willing volunteers and watched as they poured their time and talent into crafting adorable teddy bears. Initially, our intention was to donate these teddies to local police officers, believing they could distribute them to children in distress. We soon realised that the police weren’t equipped with the necessary trauma-informed training to identify when a teddy bear might be needed to provide comfort.

We found creative ways to ensure these teddies found loving homes. Through the network of support at The Haven, we were able to identify individuals and families who could benefit from a furry companion during difficult times.

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept across our community, the need for comfort and support became more pressing than ever. With schools closed and families facing unprecedented challenges, we knew our Trauma Teddy Project could make a difference. We provided teddies to children in our community, offering them a source of solace during uncertain times. But our reach didn’t stop there; we even extended our support to a nursery in Orkney, spreading warmth and comfort beyond our immediate surroundings.

As the years passed, the Trauma Teddy Project continued to grow, touching the lives of countless individuals in need. Today, we take pride in our ongoing efforts to ensure that every new baby welcomed into our community receives a teddy bear as a symbol of love and support.

Reflecting on our journey, we are humbled by the impact we’ve been able to make. With over 3,000 teddies created and placed in loving hands and homes. We love seeing our teddies out and about spreading community spirit.

If you would like to support us in our teddy project you can find the pattern here.

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