Changing the narrative.

The Haven is passionate about reducing the stigma around food poverty. Often, people do not access 'free' food because they feel they do not 'qualify' or need permission. We hope that by introducing a membership scheme, we can shift the narrative around accessing the larder.

We have drawn on inspiration from other initiatives and aim to promote dignity, ownership and choice through our membership system.

How it works.

Simple and sustainable.

When you sign-up to become a member of the larder, you pay a small annual fee and, in return, receive a personalised QR code and a canvas bag. You can then visit the larder as usual - simply scan your code on arrival and use your dedicated larder bag to collect the items you need. We encourage a pay-as-you-feel donation per visit but this is not expected.

The QR code system will allow us to manage your data securely while gaining valuable insights into the larders impact.

We take your data seriously.

We want to reassure members that their personal information is safe. While we will collect and store data for the purpose of monitoring and evaluating the support the larder provides, all data will be held securely, and we will never share this data with any other person or agency without your explicit permission.

Keep the wheel turning.

As a social enterprise, we reinvest any money we make back into our business and the Stonehaven community. We focus on tackling social problems such as food poverty and always strive to help improve people's lives. Without seeking grants, funding applications and introducing our membership scheme, it would be difficult to keep the wheels of our operation turning.

Helping the community.

With our Pay it forward option you can purchase a membership which we will pass on to those most in need in our community. If you are having difficulties in paying for a membership please get in touch either through this website or at the larder. We are ready to help and will treat your enquiry with the utmost discretion.

Become a member of the larder.