The Haven Roots to Resilience project started in February 2021. 

The idea sprouted during conversations between Julia, the Keeper of the Haven, and Francesca, a new volunteer who joined the Haven Helper crew at the end of 2020. She had a background in coordinating community growing projects and working in market gardens and wanted to share her skills and knowledge.  In response to Community Recovery Fund grants being offered by the government to help communities across Scotland during the pandemic an application was submitted and successfully granted.  Roots to Resilience was now an official offshoot of the community larder and we had a resident Haven Harvester on hand to help people with their growing journey. 

The project’s main aims are to inspire folk within the community to grow food at home or in their allotment for themselves, and if they have surplus to donate it to the larder.

So far the project has:

  • Given away 100kg of seed potatoes to approx 80 individuals and organisations in and around Stonehaven.
  • Given away 70 Grow Your Own kits which contained seed trays, pots, labels, seed compost, a 30 litre bag of veg compost and a grow bag.
  • Created a free seed and plant swap shop within the community larder. Seeds available include peas, beans, carrots, kale, beetroot, courgette, spinach, herbs and edible flowers. Lots of tomato plants were donated and very quickly found new homes.
  • Created helpful wee videos to show people how to sow seeds and plant crops.
  • Reduced food waste locally by gleaning crops from a local organic veg farm.

Ideas for the future:

  • Grow more fresh fruit and veg in the community for everyone to benefit from.
  • Cook healthy meals from produce grown which can then be distributed from the larder.
  • Connect with more individuals and organisations and inspire them to get growing.

Watch this space to see how we can inspire Stonehaven to have a homegrown revolution. For more information please contact our Haven Harvester Francesca at


"Growing your own food is like printing your own money."

Ron Finley