Photo of us connecting over Zoom during the pandemic

Our wellbeing co-working program is designed to create a like-minded community who want to support each other and wellbeing.

Havenite History.

Originally The Haven was created as a space to be able to offer more yoga classes due to the lack of space available in the community. The Haven had more space than it needed so the idea was to open up the studio for all the wisdom, gifts and wellbeing skills already in the community by offering affordable hire.

How the Havenites Happened.

Within 3 months we had over 30 people hiring The Haven! We realised that being a freelance wellbeing practitioner can be isolating and lonely with little support. Initially we called ourselves Havenettes as we were all identifying as female but as more men joined us we changed the name to Havenites! We realised that the people who hired The Haven were pretty special. They wanted more than a simple venue hire, they were passionate about wellbeing and wished to be part of something bigger than a transaction – they wanted social change.

How the Havenites became Wellbeing Co-Workers.

Then the pandemic hit and it gave us the opportunity to reflect on what The Haven hire was all about. We created the Havenite annual program which gives people hiring The Haven regularly, a lower hire rate, Havenite profile, presence on our timetable and social media and more support. We are always seeking mutually beneficial relationships and wanted to honour those who give more. We still appreciate and understand that in some situations a straight venue hire is preferable so we still offer that option as well.

Here is one of our Havnites who sadly passed away as an example of an amazing human. We have named our Community Volunteer Award after her.

If you want to learn more about hiring The Haven or becoming a Havenite email us at hello@thehaven.co.uk.

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