Community Larder

The Haven Community Food Larder Reflections

The Haven Community Food Larder (The Larder) closed on June 30, 2023. The closure brought a sense of loss to our community, especially to those already struggling with the challenges of the pandemic and a rising cost of living.

For over three years, from May 2020 to June 2023, The Larder served as a lifeline, providing essential food supplies to our 550 members. However, increasing operational costs, including rent and food prices, forced us to reevaluate our sustainability. Despite the dedicated efforts of staff, volunteers, and community members, we found ourselves unable to continue.

The closure left 926 adults and 353 children without access to the vital food resources they relied on. This stark reality underscores the pervasive issue of food insecurity and poverty that continues to affect our community and communities across the country. South Aberdeenshire Foodbank saw a significant increase to their service with the closure of the larder.

Throughout our journey, 63 passionate volunteers, affectionately known as Haven Helpers, dedicated their time to support The Larder. Their commitment, along with the support of our partners, businesses, schools, and community groups, has left a lasting impression at what can be achieved when unexpected adversity comes knocking unannounced.

While The Larder may have closed its doors, The Haven remains committed to our community. We continue to pursue our charitable aims of food education and waste reduction through initiatives like The Haven Plot teaching garden, Community Fridge and The Haven Kitchen’s community cooking classes.

We welcome compassionate individuals to join our “Friends of The Haven” membership, free of charge. Together, we can explore innovative solutions and support those in need within our community.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all our supporters who stood by us during our time of operation. Though this chapter has come to a close, the spirit of community unity and compassion that defined The Larder lives on within The Haven.

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