Community Fridge

Haven Community Fridge: Fighting Food Waste and Reducing Health Inequalities Together!

Following the closure of our community larder due to funding challenges, we were on a quest to find a more efficient solution to serve our community – the Community Fridge was born.

Situated conveniently at the Inspire Charity shop on Allardice St, our Community Fridge operates six days a week from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Inspire Charity shop for their generous support in hosting the fridge and championing our mission to reduce food waste and address food insecurity.

Thanks to the unwavering dedication of our Haven Helper volunteers, we’re able to rescue fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste. Each day, they collect surplus food items from the David St Coop, stocking our fridge with fresh produce offerings for anyone who can use it. If you are interested in becoming a Haven Helper email our Volunteer Coordinator Natalie –

This is more than just food distribution. We are actively combating food poverty and insecurity, ensuring that every member of our community has access to fresh produce,reducing health inequalities. By offering nutritious food options through the Community Fridge, we’re empowering individuals and families to make healthier choices which otherwise might be a financial barrier.

Our collective efforts have had unexpected but heartwarming outcomes. Adults at Inspire with additional support needs have embraced the variety of food available in the Community Fridge, incorporating them into their daily activities. From experimenting with new recipes to making jams for their weekly community coffee mornings, they’ve discovered newfound joy and purpose through food exploration. Someone had tried a nectarine for the first time!

Moreover, when we find ourselves blessed with surplus donations, we pay it forward by distributing the excess to sheltered housing for the elderly, ensuring that vulnerable members of our community, who may find it hard to visit the community fridge can still benefit.

And what happens to the food that doesn’t make it into our community hands? Any leftover items from the fridge are either taken to local pig farms to support agricultural sustainability or composted at our Haven Plot – teaching garden, enriching our soil and minimising landfill waste.

We’re proud to support Mackie Academy with their own community fridge initiative, extending our reach and spreading the message of food sustainability and collaboration even further to the younger generation.

At the heart of our Community Fridge initiative lies the belief that no edible food should go to waste when there are hungry mouths to feed. Together, we’re not just reducing food waste and inequality; we’re building a stronger, more resilient community where everyone has access to nutritious meals and opportunities for growth.

So, whether you’re seeking free produce, care about food waste, looking to contribute, or simply want to be part of something transformative, we invite you to visit our Community Fridge. Together, let’s fight food waste and inequality, nourishing and nurturing our community.

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